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This planet is a paradise that calls out to the adventurers in all of us, the misty mountains, the vast oceans and the grasslands around serve as a reminder of the beauty and the sheer vastness of Mother Nature.

From dense jungles and rolling grassland dominated by immense sandstone table mountains; within a maze of blackened rock and babbling streams with unique plants and rare carnivorous frogs; from the highest peaks of the mountain ranges in Ladakh to the deepest and rarest coral islands of Vietnam, each journey leaves one asking for more.

Travelling from remotest safari lodges in Africa to experiencing horseback riding through the Kenyan bushes; from going as close to the wild life as possible to flying a paraglider with a professional pilot from the top of Zighy Mountain; mountain climbing and biking trails in the Himalayas; or the scenic expanses of North East India, an adventure traveller is left with difficult choices.

These journeys lead one to learn, discover and open the mind and heart while experiencing the unique programs curated around the world, led by expert instructors and specialists who encourage life-long learning.

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