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Indian folk art is thriving, despite the changes in society and the pace of our lives, India finds a way to keep this supremely important part of our culture alive and kicking. The folk art of India, largely religious in theme, with a myriad styles has transcended the restrictive minefield that is our reality.
Art forms such as Madhubani, Kalamkari, Gond and Warli still survive and enrich the artists who practice these art forms are the saviours of India's culture.

While folk art has its own space in Indian culture, Indian Art and Architecture are also represented in the various monuments erected by the various rulers of the land. With their elaborate superfluities and wonderful architecture, Indian monuments represent one of the most outstanding facets of the multi-faceted Indian culture. Be it the marvel in white marble, the spellbinding Taj Mahal; or the red stone splendour, the magnificent Red Fort in Delhi and Agra; or the magnificence of temple art of Khajuraho, Konark and Hampi , there is evident the master craftsmanship and elegance, that brings to the forefront the splendour of the bygone era. These structures are witnesses of India’s past and also the guardian pillars of India’s cultural heritage. The monuments of India have become an inspiration for the future generations. We take you on a tour of these pieces of architecture and culture on our specially curated art and heritage journeys.

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