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Incentivising the performance of team, dealers or partners is a means to helping them engage with the corporate. An active company corporate retreat near headquarters, or the ultimate international executive retreat, Leisure Corp has mastered the art of designing experiences that are unexpected. We create brand-centric corporate travel programs filled with inspiring experiences.

Be it a business retreat, reward travel or incentive travel program, Leisure Corp plans each corporate sojourn as a bespoke travel experience. We take pride in creating experiences that strike a chord and align with your company’s core values and ethos. We create memories and experiences that enable your team to feel valued, and strengthen their ties with the organisation.

Our bespoke luxury travel experiences take you from the unexplored beaches of India, to the sun kissed mountains, from lake palaces in the heart of the desert to wellness and spiritual centres in the hills or southern shores.

To our credit we have also taken groups of people across to the African Safari, across Greece, Europe, Thailand, Russia, USA and Switzerland

Each experience is unique and created to offer you the best each destination has to offer made memorable because of the careful planning and attention to detail put in by Leisure Corp executives.

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