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Unlearn to Learn

Most of people are conditioned to avoid unknown situations or unexpected challenges, creating what is believed to be a safe and secure world for themselves. By sticking to these habits, individuals limit their potential.

Theatre techniques can teach how, through unlearning, individuals can relearn and explore new ideas that are more relevant to their careers and lives. Applying the principles of theatre to professional life will help break old habits and inspire them to go to the next level.
Our theatre workshop takes participants through the experience of seeing their own potential and the way ahead, and how this results in personal rewards from an improved performance in professions. The experience is creative and collaborative, and encourages the same in the work environment.

These workshops are designed to draw people out of their comfort zones in terms of thinking and to challenge them, all of this while having fun!

An experience in this workshop is an active and participatory training that encourages participants to engage and listen. Compared to typical classroom-style trainings, theatre techniques ensure that the workshops are impactful, collaborative and results-driven.

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